Bimamitra Sambhav

Each individual’s insurance needs and requirements are different from that of the others. LIC’s Insurance policies are designed to meet all individuals requirements when taken in combination of plans

Bimamitra Sambhav is a very powerful tool wherein you can create any desired combination with minimul efforts.

Unique Features

  • Create your own Combination Master for a given set of Plans and use it for different customers.
  • Ability to identify plans involved in a combination just by looking at it's cash flow
  • To encounter you counterpart presentations, it can suggest the better combination for a specific need & goal.
  • Ability to Add/Remove any plans in the combination
  • Ability to Add/Remove available Riders in the combination
  • Facility to reduce Premium Paying Term in any Combination
  • Facility to pay Premium in Advance

Sambhav - Ready Combinations

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