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Technical Support
Only licensed users are entitled to download the updates realeased by spysoft. In case of any queries related to downloads or upgradations do read our FAQ section. For any further clarification feel free to contact us.

Bimamitra Updation

Update Version 2.162

This is the latest updated version availble for Download. To see what's new in this upgradation, please visit Version History.


Patch for Ver 2.162

This patch ( is to be downloaded only in case you have already updated your software to the latest version 2.162 and facing any issues with it. Version History.


Bimamitra SetUp

Bimamitra Installation Ver 2.155

Download the Setup 2.155 in case you want to install / reinstall the Bimamitra software package. Please consult our Technical Support department before downloading the Setup.


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